Inspired by MassAppeal's Rhythm Roulette series, Beat Fighter was created in 2015 by producer Hoodrow Trillson with the intent to showcase the amazing hip hop producers found all over the internet.  After the amazing success of Season One, Hoodrow set out to expand Beat Fighter to reach the greater hip hop community in the hopes of allowing producers to build their brand and following through 2016 and beyond.  Beat Fighter is a labor of love meant to give all credit to the producers and foster a community built around love for hip hop and music production.  At the end of the day, Hoodrow wants all the views, listens, and page clicks to go to the producers who take the time to sign up and compete against their peers.

By using, Beat Fighter allows the producers to showcase their skills in a real time competition.  The format is intended to allow participants to build their brand and following through live interaction with the audience, and social media promotion.  Producers are able to reach a greater audience through the Beat Fighter SoundCloud, the growing popularity of the online streaming format, and partnership with new and innovative platforms such as OffTop.

If you've got suggestions, comments, or outreach and promotion opportunities to help get the word out, please do not hesitate to contact Hoodrow Trillson.

Beat Fighter wouldn't be possible without the help and support of the great community at Reddit's Making Hip Hop subreddit.  Beat Fighter would also like to thank Sandurz of Beat Breakdown and the good folks at OffTop.  If you're a hip hop producer who's just learning the craft, or an experienced producer looking for a community, definitely check these guys out!